The Company

Image Advantage will help you get the picture.

Our goal is simple. We want to dramatically improve the value of your text ad listings by adding a highly relevant image. Your ad will look better. Be remembered better. And make more of an impact. The web is anything but the text world it once was. Today it is a rich, visual, multi-media driven experience and it is becoming more so every day. Imagine how much more effective your ad will be with the combination of text and a relevant image.

In the dynamic world of online advertising, Image Advantage's innovative service has been embraced by advertisers and web publishers as a true "competitive advantage".

Our proprietary technology for marrying highly relevant images with paid placement text ads is designed to dramatically increase text ad performance and effectiveness. In fact, it has been proven to significantly improve the Click-thru-Rates (CTRs) and Revenue per Thousand (RPMs) with as good or better conversion. Image Advantage provides a more compelling and engaging user experience.

Image Advantage is the industry's only real-time image solution, serving billions of images each month to the paid listings market. Image Advantage leverages a highly scalable network infrastructure with the industry's leading technology providers. This effective collaboration provides Image Advantage partners with the necessary service, tools and knowledge to help them reach their online advertising objectives with paid listings.

Ready to see how "a picture is worth a thousand words" and start maximizing the impact and results of your text ads?