Potential Users

Image Advantage™ is an innovative service that marries highly relevant images with paid listings and sponsored links. It has been proven to help web publishers maximize the value of their content and enhance their context sensitive keyword campaigns. The result is increased click-thru-rates with as good or better conversion rates and an engaging user experience that increases ad revenue significantly. Image Advantage is easy to implement, and helps web publishers forge relationships with top advertisers, agencies and ad networks to drive new revenue opportunities and further their success.

To convert browsers into buyers, shopping portals need to provide the best product information at every click. And when buyers shop, they want to see what they're buying. Image Advantage provides shopping portals a unique competitive advantage and an opportunity to significantly grow their ad revenue with a more engaging and consistent user experience. Our proprietary and innovative service combines highly relevant images with paid text listings to improve click through rates, conversions and substantially increase ad revenue.

Vertical Applications
As online traffic continues its tremendous growth, vertical web sites, for example, Travel, Sports, Autos, Entertainment, Music, Directories, Yellow Pages, etc. offer tremendous opportunities for web publishers to gain a significant share of the new traffic. With Image Advantage, vertical publishers have a true competitive advantage. By providing an improved user experience, we offer an incredible opportunity to deliver highly targeted online advertising.

Contextual Ads
Compelling content is one of the keys to web traffic growth. Matching ads to relevant content is one of the most important ingredients to successful PPC advertising. The concept is quite simple: advertisers pay to have their text ads placed on content pages that relate to the ad's message. With image placement through Image Advantage, content sites enjoy a competitive advantage and the unique opportunity to significantly grow their ad revenue.

Today, nearly every major search engine with significant traffic relies on paid listings to generate revenue. When it comes to gaining the most bang for you buck from paid search engine listings, Image Advantage provides an unmatched opportunity to help you maximize their value.

Multimedia Search
Every day, millions of people use multimedia search for everything from video to music, including news, movies, travel, shopping, real estate, sports, maps games and TV. With Image Advantage, multimedia search partners can maximize the value of their content and increase ad revenue by seamlessly incorporating highly relevant images into their paid listings.

Domain name registration is seeing tremendous growth as all facets of the web continue to expand rapidly. There is enormous value in domain names as ways of establishing businesses, attracting traffic and creating virtual real estate. The PPC advertising market is an integral part of this overall growth. These registrants generate revenue by building a business or brand, reselling the domain or by placing paid placement listings on a parked page.

To learn how Image Advantage can significantly increase your ad revenue as a publisher, and the rates and terms we offer, simply contact us or call us at 1-630-904-7150 and we will contact you immediately.

Why Image Advantage
  • Offers equal/better conversion rates
  • Provides seamless integration
  • No software or hardware required
  • Improves ad relevance
  • Provides engaging user experiences
  • Delivers significant increase in CTR